Be Wise, Be Brave, and Do Not Forget Who You Are

Hey, guys, I just want to say hi and be encouraging for a minute!

First of all, how many of you out there are aspiring writers? I am going to tell you right now, man, read your old stuff. Find something you wrote months ago, years ago, something you completely forgot even existed, because those are the works that make you realize you might have something going on for yourself.

That’s basically what I did and I found a gem that I have been thinking about for a while. I started writing this book in January of 2016, and now here it is, twelve months later, on this chilly December day, and I am reading through every little sentence and making sure it all still makes sense. Well, of course, twelve months later, I know the gist of what happens, but I forget the tiniest of details, all the little dialogue, what have you. Of course I remember the general conversations, but I don’t remember that one like that that one character said on that one page… So on, so on. I came across a quote from a character that I unknowingly stunned myself with.

“Be wise, be brave, and do not forget who you are.” – Otak Hammerheart.

It’s funny that I cite Otak’s name, but actually, I’m the one who wrote it. That came from my own brain, even if, months later, I don’t even remember what prompted me to write it down. I love this quote because it really does embrace a lot of the themes going on in the pages, in the characters’ lives. Not only that, it’s advice that we can use in our own lives. I think the reason it stuck out so much to me as I read it over was because it’s advice that I’ve learned to live by recently.

So, I’m just saying, guys – read your old stuff, stun yourself, and never forget who you are.

Signing off!

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