The Power of a Name

A name is just a word, right? More than that, it’s just a jumble of sounds we use to distinguish our friends apart. It’s just a label. How do we choose the names of our kids? “I’ll call this one… Tim. And this one Wanda.” All we do it pick the sounds we like the most. Naming the characters in a book is the same, and it a book like The Legend of the Dwarf, it stands out even more.

My characters have names like Teava or Tekla. There’s a dragon named Sorventh. One of my favorites is Ryla. I mean, I might as well throw Elsa into the mix – the sound goes right along with the bunch! And the places – honestly, I wonder how I came up with them. Well, I mean, I know – google helped, looking at maps of the weirdest places helped, because it showed me what kinds of sounds I liked and didn’t like. So now, I have a map full of some more normal sounding places – like Sedona, the elven kingdom, or Sandy Brooks of the men. But I also have some pretty weird sounding names, like the Isola Ruins, former home of the dwarven kingdom, or Drides, the place where the men have fallen under the evil influence of the Great Sorcerer.

So, anyway, my point in all this. This might just be some random babbling, but I started realizing the importance that a name carries as I’m going through the edits. You see, my favorite name ever is Jasper. Favorite. Ever. What a beautiful jumble of sounds. And I unashamedly used it in my book. But where does a name like Jasper fit in to a land full of people with names like Teava and Tekla?

So as I’m editing, I am eyeing his name every time it comes up and thinking critically. Do I keep it, or do I have to do some more searching? Because if I change it, will I still love this character as much as I do now? I have to admit – before I gave her the name Teava, she wasn’t my favorite. So much thinking to do… I better get to it, then.

Signing off for now!