The Vehsi

Good morning, everyone!

I am going to take a moment to geek out a little bit. Is it geek out or nerd out? I never know, but apparently there’s a huge difference – my brothers get super offended when I use the wrong word.

Okay, anyway, let me tell you what I love about writing. Look around you for a minute – are you outside? What do you see? Grass, probably. Sun. Clouds. Are you in your house? Sitting on the couch? Maybe watching TV or Netflix or yelling at the dog to stop barking?

BORING. I mean, maybe not all the time, but really, why do we do things like watch TV? Lord of the Rings is my favorite to watch because I love losing myself for a minute in that type of world. Which is great, but I’m limited to Peter Jackson’s vision of it – which, don’t get me wrong, is AMAZING. FLAWLESS. PURE GENUIS. But I am constantly lost in my own fantasy world, with my own weird creations. And in writing, I can bring those creations to life for myself, and for you guys, too. At least for a minute while we’re reading.

So, anyway, the title of this post… The Vehsi. These were the first creatures I put in the book that came from my mind. Well, the goblins, I suppose, were reimagined into my idea of them, but goblins have been done before. The Vehsi are something that I named myself, that I gave a face to – actually, took a face away from. They’re the faceless death creatures. They’re dark and evil, and get right inside your heads, so don’t think you can lie to them. They won’t even ask questions. Anyway, it’s just fantastic to see your own ideas come to life on paper.

Okay, a small sneak peak of what’s to come, now I’m signing off!

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