Creatures and the Races and a Giveaway

Hey, guys!

What do you fancy yourself as? An elf? A dwarf? A dragon? A simple human? An awesome sorcerer? Or do you see yourself going even beyond that? Are you one of those faceless death creatures, the Vehsi? Maybe you see yourself as a goblin, the friends of the dragons. Or how about an orc? How cool would that be?

I have another question for you all. Now, I know that the book is not out yet, so forget about my imagination. Tell me what YOUR imagination is. Tell me what YOU see when I say something like those that are mentioned above. And hey, let’s make a game of this. Show me what you see!

First, how about I give you the prize details? A little present from me, if you will. I’ll get you a signed copy of the book, as well as a copy of the very map designed for this very book!

Okay, how about some rules?

Rule #1. Show me! Elf, dwarf, dragon, Vehsi (creature of death), goblin. Those are your choices. I don’t care how you show me, it can be FX makeup (for those of you like me, who are totally into that stuff and have all this makeup to use), it can be a painting, it can be a drawing. However you like, just show me!

Rule #2. Hashtag! Okay, how else am I going to see it? Your entry into this contest is going to be a hashtag. And, unfortunately, I seriously don’t know how to use Twitter. Not a clue. Pretty sure I made one years ago, and tweeted, like, once. So, no Twitter. I mean, you can post it there if you want, but I won’t see it. Most of us, if not all of us, have either a facebook and/or Instagram, right? So, those are going to be the platforms you use to enter. Each counts as one entry, so post on both for two entries. The hashtag? Let’s make this simple – #thelegendofthedwarf .

Rule #3. Copy and paste! Copy and paste either a link to my website, or to this post specifically, so that people can find out what you’re posting about and you don’t look like some weirdo doing elf makeup.

Those are the rules, I’ll give you till December 15th, two days before the book comes out, when I pick a winner!

Good luck!

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