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I have been getting tons of people asking for more, so… I’m going to give you more!

The second book does not come out for a while… I’m, like, THIS close to finishing, you guys! You can’t see, but my fingers are super close together. Anyway, I can’t get it done any sooner, but what I can do is offer you guys some extras!

These extras will include things like… Histories of the Earth of Eald, stories of the companions as they grew up, myths about Merenda and her gods, the story of Teava’s banishing, and tons more. Basically, anything you want to know more about, I will write it for you! You can send requests in the contact me section on the side of the website, if you’d like! Otherwise, I’m just going off of what I have already been asked about.

To sign up, just go to the home page (you might have to start a fresh session) and wait a couple of seconds. There’s a popup, just put your email in and you’re set! (I won’t use your email for anything other than this news letter, pinky promise. You’ll hear from me twice a  month, and that’s it!)