Kate’s Authordom – Another Word

Ruling over a vast authordom has its great many challenges. There’s the people – and quite a wide variety of them at that. The lands are long and expansive, and each just as different as the people that inhabit them. You can never expect the problems that might arise from time to time.

Wait, let me go back and explain what I mean. I am an author. That means that inside my head there is a constant flow of characters and plots and dialogues and eras and creatures and – well, you get it. There are many lands for them to live in – such as the Earth of Eald, or Dreamland, or The Forest. But they never cross over, of course. One character cannot simply jump off the page and into the next book. That plotline, quite frankly, is simply too overdone in cartoons and television shows for my taste, so it won’t happen. These are my subjects to rule over and to dictate what they do or do not do. I am, after all, their author. It’s a pretty satisfying role.

To be perfectly honest, saying that I dictate what they do or do not do is a pretty hefty statement. Yes, I might be the one writing the words, but they have their fair share in it as well – and that is where the problems arise. To the reader, often times, characters on a page are nothing more than that. But to the author, these characters start as one thing and develop into something else entirely. The reader is on that journey of discovering the character as well, but not quite on the same level as the author. The characters change their minds, situations don’t go the way they are planned, and sometimes, you end up giving up on the characters altogether. Let me give you an example of some unruly characters. I mentioned The Forest above – but of my two published series, there is no mention of a land called The Forest. That’s in another book completely. A very grueling one, I might add.

I’ve had this idea since high school. The story is, for all intents and purposes, very much a tree hugger story. The characters, although given a human persona, are embodiments of their surroundings. Much like Mother Nature, for instance. We all picture her as a loving, earthly woman, but she has no name and… well… IS nature. In my story, The Forest is the main character. She has no other name – in fact, none of the characters do. And The Forest must save her forest, her home and the place she was given charge of when time began. Without getting into too many confusing details, that’s the gist of the story. Now the obvious problem here is that I graduated high school seven years ago, and started this book eight years ago. So why is it not done? Why is in not available to the public?

Let me first give myself a little benefit of the doubt in saying that I was young. I was fifteen, my writing style was very underdeveloped, and it was a pretty far-fetched plot that I was not truly capable of writing at the time. Let me also say that I gave up on it – shame on me – and left it sitting in my closet for eight years. These characters have literally sat there, thirty pages in, completely unaware of how their story ends, while their author was out making up different characters and selling other books. Well, over the past year, they have come back to haunt me. That may sound a little dramatic, but that plot and all my ideas are now swimming constantly through my mind as The Forest demands her story to be finished.

Okay, now here’s the real problem… I still don’t know how to continue the book. All I know now is that I have to for the sake of my characters and for the sake of my own sanity. Because when the voices of those in one plot scream through the mass of other plots in my head and can still be heard above the other characters, I know that it’s a story I have to get out and onto paper. I know it’s a story that means something to me as a person. And so, The Forest has defeated me, her ruler and author who had chosen to forget her, and I must add her problem to my To-Do list and work through her confusing plot.

Here’s to hoping it’s not another year before I get another word written for her…

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