The Most Important Tips For Writers. Ever.

Good evening, everyone!! As an author, one of my favorite things to do is inspire and encourage other writers. If you follow me on my other blog at you will find that I have two blogs – one that delves into the histories of my published novel, The Legend of the Dwarf, and one gives advice on writing a story. Well, I thought I’d share some of my favorite tips here for you all, to help any aspiring authors out there…

1) Write. I know this seems fairly obvious, but honestly, everyone I know that WANTS to write a novel says they are just too busy or uninspired. Too busy? Set aside 5 minutes every day. Eventually, as the creative muscles in your brain are more developed, you learn that you actually DO have a bit more time to write. Uninspired? Honey, if you sit around waiting for inspiration, you’re not a writer. You’re a waiter.

2) Read. Less obvious, but along the same lines and just as important as writing. Reading expands your mind. You see other worlds, you are inspired by them (which solves that waiting problem), and you write. You expand your writing style, your vocabulary, and your list of do’s and don’t’s – pick up a book and you’ll surely find things that bother you and you feel need to be changed.

3) Get a Thesaurus. Seriously. A physical one. It’s the best gift that I have ever received and I use it most every day. I mean, there’s an online one, too, which is great, especially if you don’t have the book with you… But there is nothing like the feel and the sight of those words on the page.

There are plenty more tips, but these are my three favorite – and the three most obvious. Check out my blog on the magazine for more, subscribe to my email list there, and keep checking back for more blog series here – I still have more monthly installments!

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