A Guide to the Earth of Eald: The Faeries

Guide to the Faeries

Size: About 6 inches tall

Habitat: Originally from the forest, forced to relocate to the dry lands of Esharsa where they were further captured and enslaved.

Diet: herbivore; fruits and vegetables and sweet flowers


Life Cycle: Faeries are immortal, reaching adulthood at a young age, when they stop aging altogether. It is unknown how faeries reproduce, as there has never been a known male of the species. It is said that they are formed from the sweet flowers found in the forests. Since their enslavement, their number has not grown nor shrunk.

Physical Features and Traits: The skin of a faerie is green in color, with golden blonde hair and transparent white wings. Their bodies are tiny and very thin. The creatures are both deaf and mute, though exceptionally intelligent.

Behavior: The Faeries are very mischievous. When around the more human species, they like to use their magic to create trouble so that they might watch the reactions of the more emotional species. They have a very hot temper, and when they become angry, their magic becomes less playful and more outright malicious. Because of this, children were always taught to stay away from the creatures. Although they have not existed in the main land for more than a century, the myths about their trouble causing ways are still told to children as a warning.

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