My Latest Obsession

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This. Oh, sweet Jesus, this is my latest obsession. The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas. Let me tell you… It’s a thrill ride. I must admit (small spoiler) one of my favorite characters dies in the second book, and I cried.
This one is all about an assassin who, after being caught and enslaved, Celaena must compete to become the King’s Champion – ultimately, his dirty work do-er. Inside the castle, she starts to learn of a bunch of magic that is still going on, despite the King’s outlawing of such. She has to find out who’s killing her competition and kill them before she ends up next.
This is an amazing series. I just started the third book last week, and I know I need to get the rest before I finish. I can’t put it down!!
So, here’s to you, Sarah J Maas!

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