The Top 3 Dragons of All Time

I’m kind of in to dragons, if you couldn’t tell from my book, so… Here are my three favorites in fiction!

  1. Smaug

From The Hobbit. A fascinating creature, and one I quite like for his intelligence. Smaug has been given the ability to speak by his author, and the personality that comes with the ability is quite entertaining to watch!


2. Norberta

From Harry Potter. I’m not so much a Harry Potter fan, but the bond between Hagrid and his dragon Norbert/Norberta could pull at anyone’s heart strings. That’s actually the reason that I am putting this one on the list – for the love between dragon and master.


3. Mushu

From Mulan. Many of you know this dragon! What I like about him is the way he exhibits the culture of the film. From the dishonor of a failure to the eagerness to gain that honor back. Not to mention, his protection of Mulan throughout the film.


Check out my favorite dragons, and look for more inĀ The Legend of the Dwarf: The Birth, set to release Fall 2017.


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