Guide to the Earth of Eald: The Goblins

Size: 2 feet tall

Habitat: From the island of Marzur originally, but have relocated to the Dragon Kingdom.

Diet: Insects and anything from the ground, favoring dirt and worms.


Life Cycle: Goblins have a significant lifespan, though not immortal like their dragon masters. After hatching from an egg, they remain children for a short time, usually around two years. After that, they age quickly and grotesquely, but remain the same for a century or two before they die of old age.

Physical Features and Traits: Goblins are very skinny, with thin, translucent skin. When their tunics are removed, it is possible to see the glow of their organs beneath. They are nocturnal, with big, round eyes that take up more than half of their face. Most of them are bald, including the females, though some are known to sport long, string like hair.

Behavior: Most find the goblins to be a disgusting creature. They seem to lack any hygiene, and eat straight from the ground. Cleaning does not happen in a bath tub, but rather, they use their rough tongues to lick themselves and each other clean. Despite their disgusting nature, they are loyal to their dragon masters, sometimes to a fault. They are one of the most honorable races, and serve with gratitude. Contrary to what most people think, they actually enjoy serving their masters.


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