From the Mouths of the Characters: Sorventh

It hurt to see her again. It was like an arrow straight through my ego. Teava, now of Abrya. That was how she introduced herself, I had heard from somewhere. It had been hard to pretend like I didn’t care that she had abandoned her entire heritage for some mortal city. She was just as beautiful as she remembered. She had taken out the ring from her lip, exposing the delicate pink beneath, uninterrupted. I wished she hadn’t. I quite liked that about her – her need to stand out, to be different, to go against tradition. Though, I suppose that was what had gotten her into trouble. She was too different. Far too different. The dragons had never approved of different.

And she came to me, to the kingdom that I was guarding, with a very different mix of people. I hadn’t remembered her being so dumb, and yet, here she was. Bringing things like –

Wow. There was one among them – a dark elf, I was certain. Her skin was nearly as black as mine, but her hair was a stark contrast, nearly white in it’s blonde coloring. She had the pointed ears of the elven races – far taller than my own. And her eyes. Her violet eyes.

I wanted her.

I knew it from the first moment I laid my eyes on her. I wanted her. She was going to be mine, and I was going to be hers. We would share a bond, and we would be together till the end of our immortal lives. There was no other way, as I saw it.

Even though I was in m dragon form, I felt my face fall. Wasn’t I just cursing Teava for her choice in life? For her need to be different? At least she had chosen a dragon. This girl in front of me, this girl that I wanted with just one look, was a dark elf. Kylon would not be so merciful with me, even if I was the captain of her royal guard. No, I would be exiled, just as Teava was. I had already lost my chance to be king, and with just the lustful look, I could lose my position as Captain.

Anything further, and I could lose my place in the kingdom entirely, just as Teava had.

I tried to keep my eyes away from her.

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