Kate’s Authordom – That New Book Smell

Writing is one of the most amazing feelings. Creating a whole new world, totally enveloped in a fantasy in your own mind, and actually seeing it on paper. The whole mystery of language and words is fantastic to me – actually seeing my story on paper. In words. With ink. It’s fantastic!! It’s strange!!

Okay, I’m weird, I know. And I can get all meta about language, but then I’d be rambling and you wouldn’t understand me.

What you CAN understand, however, is the relaunch that has finally (almost) officially happened!! I am currently just waiting on my web designer (still loving my new site) to help me finish setting it up because I am helpless when it comes to technology. That’s probably why I write out all of my books with pen and paper before they go into print!!

Anyway. The Alice Trilogy! It’s coming your way in a matter of hours!! Let me tell you my favorite part about this whole thing though – holding my book… My story… My words… Tangibly feeling my hard work… And, yes, smelling it, because that new book smell? Nothing beats it!! When I got my copy in a few weeks ago, I was so proud of how thick it was. It’s just shy of 500 pages! I could hardly believe it! 500 pages of a crazy, mad fantasy!

Check it out today! Get your copy!!

Side note – sorry for the silence this past month – July just kind of escaped me! I’ll be better about posting, and don’t worry, I have several more exciting books coming your way!

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