From the Mouths of the Characters – Teava

Queen Teava of the Dragon Kingdom. I loved the title. It was beautiful. I could not wait until it was mine. Dragons would bow down to me, the other races would fear me. I would have the goblins waiting on me hand and foot – more than just Seg, who was staring at me now with those big eyes of his. It would be simply glorious.
But first, I had to do something to earn the title. It was tradition – even if you are the dragon heir, you still need to prove yourself before you’re given any official reign. My mother began – and ended – the war with the dwarves, taking all of their gold, though we didn’t need it. My grandmother, Queen Lovissa, freed the dragon eggs from the Sedonian Elves. And before her, my great grandfather, King Sorthian, brought terror to the goblins of Marzur, bringing over ship loads of them to inhabit our entire kingdom.
I wanted to prove myself in a way that stood out. So I did something different.
I had been betrothed to a man named Sorventh. It was arranged by my mother and neither of us loved each other. I pretended. I told him I loved him, I spoke in front of my kingdom and proclaimed a love that did not exist as if it was the very thing that defined my existence. I did not act like it had been arranged.
He acted like I was nothing. He bedded so many women, and each of them snickered at me when I proclaimed my love. It was terrible to see them mock their future queen.
So I decided to change everything. I decided to change tradition and prove that we are a race that could adapt.
Instead, I am sitting in the dragon council, waiting to hear my punishment for loving a dragon woman named Salora. I am sitting here because I made it clear that Sorventh would not, could not, be fit for marriage to me, nor could any other man. I am sitting here because I am different.
I will lose my title. I will lose my kingdom.
I will lose my home.
And Salora will, too, because of me.

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