Alice in Dreamland

The Alice in Dreamland trilogy is HERE!!!!

Finally! The official trilogy relaunch has happened!!! Get your copy today!

Alice Dearest

Alice King has a broken brain. That’s because her grandmother had cursed the land decades before she was born, casting a spell of madness on all the Dreamlanders. Her evil aunt traps and tortures people in her asylum, even causing murderous second personalities in Alice’s friends. And then there’s that strange cat that talks to her sometimes, and she’s sure it’s not just because she’s mad, even though it’s the only creature that talks. And all of her friends are just as looney as she is. And somehow, it’s Alice’s job to fix it all, even though she can’t remember any of it.

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Seeing Red

Alice and her friends are back in the game, but this time Red has placed a curse on the land. She’s gone mad – if she wasn’t mad enough already – and now it’s up to¬†Alice and Hatty to set things straight again.

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The White Space

In the third and final book, the team must find Alice and defeat Hatty’s insanity.

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